A Santiago’s Classic…

Santiago has a few well kept secrets only available to those wishing to take adventures on a city’s true hidden life. Coffee with leg’s is a classic place in Santiago’s city center known to all locals (...although a few would tell their wifes ;) ). Girls serve you coffee during the day showing their great long and sexy legs. People stand there, chating and drinking coffee or having a snack. With a little luck (or patience) you can find politicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs or Ministers of Government. Take the chance and pay a visit, it’s an uncommon experience.

Waiters here are not allowed... Only waitresses ;). This place became very popular during the 90’s, comming along with the economic outburst after the return to democracy. It’s the only coffee related business that chileans have exported to Colombia!!

Footsteps will guide to through all Santiago’s secrets!... Come and see!

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